Eres lo que mas quiero en este mundo, eso eres,mi
pensamiento mas profundo, tambien eres, tan sólo dime
lo que hago, aqui me tienes. Eres cuando despierto lo
primero, eso eres, lo que a mi vida le hace falta si no vienes,
lo único, preciosa, que mi mente habita hoy.
Qué mas puedo decirte, tal vez puedo mentirte sin razón,
pero lo que hoy siento es que sin ti estoy muerto, pues
eres lo que mas quiero en este mundo, eso eres.
Eres el tiempo que comparto, eso eres, lo que la gente
promete cuando se quiere mi salvacion , mi esperanza y mi fe.
Soy el que quererte quiere como nadie soy,
el que te llevaría el sustento día a día , el que por ti
daría la vida, ese soy. Aqui estoy a tu lado y espero
aqui sentado hasta el final. No te has imaginado lo
que por ti he esperado pues eres lo que yo amo en
este mundo, eso eres, cada minuto en lo que pienso,
eso eres, lo que más cuido en este mundo, eso eres.

Colorful Autumn

As a kid me and my friends used to jump Into piles of leaves as they had left the tree. Seeing these pictures brings me joy and harmony.

Photos are from Flickr

Native Mexican handmade apparels

When I was In Mexico I saw some stunning clothing with beautiful beadwork that would amaze anyone. Now I regret I didn´t purchase anything. My daily research online led me to Aida Coronado´s online shop. -Mexican handcrafted Items at Its best. Look at all these details. I am Instantly dreaming away: Me, dressed In these clothes and riding a horse surrounded by greenery somewhere In Mexico.


and Loving
- I will always be here for you...

Try as I might...


Try as I might, I can´t forget your eyes.
Try as I might, your touch I cannot find.
Try as I might, my heart cries out but cannot see
No matter how much I try, you cannot be with me.

I tried...
To run my fingers through your hair while you slept,
But I felt my touch simply slip away.
I tried...
To press my lips against your face,
But you were gone once again.

I tried...
To feel my body lying nex to yours,
But to you my body was no more than a ghost.
I tried...
So much to hold you in my arms tonight,
But you could not feel the slightest touch.

I tried...
To cover your body when you felt cold,
But I could not reach out to keep you warm.
I tried...
To protect you while you were dreaming,
But I couldn´t be there while you were sleeping

I tried...
To be there for you when u awoke,
And not just simply a useless ghost.
I tried...
To make you feel,
That I am real.

But no matter how much I try,
I will never stop trying...
By Oscar

This is going to be my first Thanksgiving. At the moment I am looking at Macy´s Thanksgiving parade. This definitely puts me In a Holiday mood. A year ago I received this poem from my love, and so much has changed In a year. We no longer need to be apart, we no longer need to Try, It´s all about here and now!


It's all about the mood

Photos from Flickr

Reproduction of Frank Lloyd Wright's drawings

Ideas on Christmas gifts: A book with Salvidor Dalis paintings

This would be an Ideal gift for my loved one, since he Is a big Salvidor Dali fan. The book is named "Salvidor Dali: The Paintings" by Robert Descharnes. I found It through MoMA's online store so I haven't had a chance to actually see It In person.

Scandinavian flavors meets Manhattan

Only one word needed for me to describe this apartment: Perfection!

Photos from Architectural Digest

Far from perfect

I added the translation thinking It would be easier for my swedish family and readers to follow the blog, but I am not so sure anymore. Hmm...hopefully It will give an Idea of the contents in the blog. It's definitely far from perfect. I think I will switch language and start typing in Swedish when I move over there, now I have my american laptop so It's a headache to type in Swedish since I don't have all the letters.

Any suggestions?

Obsession of Maps

Would you enjoy dining by the streets of Paris, New York, Tokyo or London while in the comfort of your own home? In that case  these paper placemats are for you. " World Dinner Placemats" by Seletti Design Group can be bought online from MoMA's store (International shipping) for $35, find them here. Don't worry each pad has 50 sheets.

They're fun, quirky and would look good on top of a translucent or high gloss table.

Inspired by Dior

What do maps and post-its have in common?

Answer: Can be used on any surface. I found these cool pictures through Who said wall covering has to be wallpaper? Why not post-it notes, magazine cuttings or as I mentioned in an earlier post (Maps).


2009/2010 trends by Heimtextile

In a couple of months, between January 14th-17th, Heimtextile's Trade Fair is taking place in Frankfurt. This of course Is a big event for anyone In the business or with a passion for design. I've never been to such a grand Trade Fair myself, but I am hoping that will change soon. What's Interesting this year is the new approach taken to showcase the trends, by composing all the trends of 2009/2010 in a book called "Expect the Unexpected". The title is also their lead motto. This book can be ordered here for 40 euros.

The term trends can sometimes be somewhat annoying. Don't buy Items just because they are trendy, get them because you like them and actually have a place for them. After all trends come and go. A great Idea is to look Into new trends, but try to Interpret them yourself, your own way.

trend-table for 2009/2010 has six themes. Anne Marie Commandeur from Stijlinstituut said during the pressconference "We need to keep on dreaming" and that Is exactly why the themes are named as following:

Time Traveller
Fortune Teller

High technologies for featherweight padding, layering and folding create an illusion of mass and bulk. Play a game of hide and seek behind delicately woven drapes and move around freely in layer upon layer of breezy mille-feuilles and soft, structured folds for a natural human beauty. A sculptured volume.

Time Traveller
Only the finest treasures of the past are kept and covered in patina or shiny new coatings, embellished or embroidered, to set the stage for our reclaimed cultural heritage. Cherishing decorative art from deco to nouveau and embracing intricate detailing for the ultimate luxury.

Fortune Teller
The all-seeing eye tells of fortune and fame found in chaos and eccentricity. In a world where all cultures collide and yesterday spills into tomorrow, the vagabond, bohemian and free spirit rule. Eco and ethnic folks break all the rules and create a rainbow of new ethics and traditions.

Continuously intrigued by the sharp edges and seductive shimmer of metals and stones, extra dimensions are added to all new shapes around. In every angle, facet and curve, sculptural aspects rely on architectural influences. Playing a mathematical game with optical illusions builds a solid, but surreal construction.

The mystical aspects of nature are re-explored for acts of mimicry in man-made animal skin, hair, fur and feathers. Organic surfaces like moss-covering and tree bark inspire to create natural textures with eroded, weathered and frozen qualities. Combined with vintage and recycled fabrics in hybrids of nature, craft and technology.

A fantasy world of plastic, bubble and pop comes to life through a fascinating and playful concoction of art, science and technology, going far beyond the range of normal human imagination. A comic chaos where all the rules are cast aside and bad taste no longer exists.

A winter evening in San Diego

I've been working on my blog design for a couple of days now, hence the 'bad' updates. Hopefully It will come together soon.

Apartment in 'Vasastan' Stockholm

Every morning I look through blogs, magazines and other re-sources online for updates and also to feel Inspiration for the days tasks. On I found this 3 'room' apartment. It's described in swedish as the 'jattegiganta' easily translated into 'the huge 2 bedroom apartment'. My favourite details in this space is the mustard accent colour and the art work.

Tips~Budget friendly decoration

I have never been blessed with pockets filled with money so budget friendly decor has always caught my attention. After I started to study Interior Design I realized that actually any space no matter how much money spent on can be a successful design. ‘All It takes’ is the knowledge to pull a space or spaces together into a cohesive place(s). To have an understanding and fully knowledge about a materials characteristics is one of the key factors for a functional space, but also this opens up tons of doors for new design Ideas to blossom. Which in this case regarding low budget decorations/renovations can be even a greater benefit. Here I have composed some budget tips:

  1. Thrift shops (second hand shops), Yard sales are great especially If you’re handy yourself and can restore furniture (even though sometimes all it takes is a bucket of paint). A good tip would be to search secondhand shops In smaller towns, that’s normally where I find the cheapest prices.
  2. If you’re in Sweden is of course a great source.
  3. Use a variation in materials, this will increase the visual impression of the room as a whole. 
  4. If you are decorating your house (apartment) think of it as a whole concept. It may sound daunting, but don’t worry. Firstly section them down room by room and then find a common thread to be used throughout the whole space. A consistency will normally give the illusion of a bigger space.
  5. Buy furniture from example IKEA or other cheap stores. Try to give them your own identity. The main thing is to not over decorate a space with furniture from one specific shop. This can normally come across as a mundane space, especially when the people around you are well aware of for ex. IKEA’s furniture. 
  6. Bring in your own art work, maybe through typography (poems, words with meaning), paintings made by your kids. Also nice is to frame stamps, foreign money, maps etc. Another good idea is to take advantage of free wallpaper samples that can be sent to you from various suppliers. Play around and have fun. 
  7. Think a bit outside the box. Use your own belongings as decoration without over cluttering the space. Magazines and books can be neatly displayed. Color pencils adds instantly color to your desk. Try to think of something different that speaks to you instead of the normal Tv stand and coffee table.

Lastly to stay on a budget don’t buy brands. Expensive pieces doesn’t promise a well designed space. Remember to use a variation in materials for ex: bricks, paint, leather etc. A tactile experience it should be!

Chalkboards are more than a trend-more like a necessity

I love chalkboards and I know It's not a a new 'trend'. But for me It seems to never get old. Whenever you feel like scribbling down something It's there waiting for you to do so. To fill up that dark space with something beautiful or something simple as a reminder. There are different ways to get a chalkboard, either by buying a chalkboard from a supplier (which I found a bunch of them online. For cheaper options If you're into bigger boards look into companies who supplies for schools and private persons). There is also something simple as chalk paint ( which I embarrassingly had never heard about until one year ago when my mother mentioned it ). You can get a hold of this paint easily through any local DIY store. Be prepared for different qualities since some are more 'healthy' than others. Aesthetically speaking It brings that unexpected element that I want/need in my designs. I know Scandinavians and people from the East coast ( USA ) are very fond of this. When I gave an idea to my client (from LA)  about incorporating, this I guess unusual material for her, into her kitchen design she responded with a very curios look on her face saying something like...'In a kitchen'. I responded gladly with a smile and said...'Yes, why not. Lemmi show you'

Photos from unknown source

Photos from unknown source

Photos from unknown source

Photos from

Photos from

Photos from

Photos from

Photos from

Photos from

'Jingle bells'...already?

Today me and my hubby had a wonderful day at the mall looking through various shops. Even though halloween just passed and Thanksgiving is coming up next weekend the stores and mall are already decorated and ready for Christmas. I'm used of celebrating Christmas in warmer climates (no snow *sigh*) since that's what I have been doing for the past 5-6 years. But, still it feels like 'rushing' into christmas celebration with it only being November. Our friends put up their christmas tree as early as a couple of weeks ago. For us, this year no christmas tree but instead I am extremley excited to see all the houses around us decorated nicely.

Do you fancy a map on your wall?

Not that I have an obsession for maps or anything, but who doesn't like them?! I grew up with my dad having a big map of our (small) town hanging in our kitchen. Of course this was for other reasons than decoration ( even though I know he would never have hanged it there if it didnt look 'nice').

Great wall decoration and adds colour to any surface. It's also a great way of showcasing vacation memories.

Interiors by Fantastic design works Inc.

'Catchy' firm name and splendid Design. I came across this article about a Japanese Interior Designer named Mr. Suzuki who owns the company Fantastic design works Inc. He mostly designs spatial spaces such as restaurants.

All I say is light, illumination, darkness and mystery...

I sort of like the graphic of these moving boxes

My hubby always thinks I am insane just for the fact that I find inspiration in the weirdest things. We can at times spend hours discussing this. However, back to the moving boxes. We are in fact moving back to my mother in-laws house for a month or so before we fly back to Sweden. I am excited, hopefully I will improve my Mexican cooking skills.

A bit longer in the states

I am staying a bit longer in California than we had planned. That's okey. I will be celebrating both Christmas and New Year over here with my other half.

Murals, please.

Photos borrowed from

If I only was an artist...

Inspiration for a studio. I soon have to start my drafting course. Excited and terrified at the same time. I know I'll have to discipline myself and be stubborn to finish this particular course on time. More on that later.

Which fireplace are you?

Breathtaking surrounding

A perfect sample room

I wish I had a similar sample room available for me. Instead I have to go into my 'messy' spare bedroom filled with temporary storage for my samples and brochures.

Feel Inspired

Photos from Bravacasa Magazine

Loft Downtown San Diego with views over Petco Park

My hubby and I would love this loft space which has stunning views over Petco Park ( Baseball park ). The space is influenced by NY loft design.

Celebration here

A 'knock' on the door......there he was...the postman...with a letter from the embassy!

He got it! So Sweden here we come. Celebration and preperation will be todays dinner discussion.

Invited to a Thanksgiving party

Our two closest friends here in the states are throwing a Thanksgiving party ( dinner) on friday. I can't wait to get together, eat and enjoy some good wine. We are all cooking and bringing something over, which makes it even more fun. I was requested to cook meatballs and maybe I bring something else as well.

The invite is made by the host
 Antonio Diaz de Sandi.

Inspiration for me

A picture=a feeling

Sensuality + luxure

Designer Michael Schaible's home in Mexico

A while ago I was working on a school project and while re-searching found this amazing talented Designer named Michael Schaible. I therefor contacted him about additional details on his 'casa' in Mexico.
I am still happily surprised what a kind response I always get when contacting architects and designers.

photos borrowed from Architectural Digest Magazine

"Dumbo" the movie

Dumbo, the cute little elephant that everyone likes. I saw the movie Yesterday, definitely
recommended! Some scenes amazed me, the creativity, the colors.

Organizing samples

Today I have another busy day infront of me. I am just about to start sorting through my samples and organizing supplier details. I also have to work on my Material Sketchbook.Should be a fun day, after all it is Friday. Meaning a weekend filled with sunshine, park strolls and hopefully a visit to a museum.

Clips on how It is to be an Interior Design student

Did you ever wonder how or what you would be taught as an Interior Design student?! Here I found some clips on Youtube from various schools around USA with Interior Design majors. Myself I study from an English school with office in USA as well, so the curriculum is very similar to these videos.

Organic shapes by Hudson Furniture Inc.

No words needs to be written about describing these furniture. But what I find worth mentioning is the information I found on their webpage. They state that non of their woods they use are harvested from old growth forests. -Our wood slabs are domestically sourced from either salvaged trees or wind/storm damaged trees. The trees have an average life span of 250-300 years. When these trees die, they gradually do so from the crest to the roots. The farmers or the tree owners thus have to remove these trees as they might cause damage to houses, other trees or outlying areas. We integrate various wood species into our designs to produce unique works of art. Read more here.

Night out at an art gallery

Love and beauty

Photos taken by me and poem by Oscar

Pulp Fiction

My hubby is a huge movie lover and introduced me to a tons of great films. He opend my eyes for viewing films as an art form. I before would only look at films and not really feel that creativity, maybe I would get Ideas of how to dress or so. But his film choices and the way he enjoys movies has opened my eyes more than before. I just love his quirky choices. Pulp Fiction was the first film we saw together, and I have seen it about 5 times since. After that I came to really like Quentin Tarantino's films. His "difference" on approaching and executing a film is extremely interesting. It makes me think more of how I approach normal design concepts.

This typography by Jarratt Moody is more than great! Can't and don't want to stop looking at it.

Dreaming of Guanajato in Mexico

Books are treasures for me

A book is so much more than a bunch of papers bonded together. I have always been a big fan of reading and collecting books but due to moving abroad I had to give away many of them. I now recently started my collection over again, which nowadays  mostly involve my studies. Books about sketching, visual presentation, construction, Interior design and its elements and principles, various history and materials books and so on. I purchased some good second hand books on Amazon. I also found some great bargains during sale month. I feel great being surrounded by books, I feel alive and creative. If I only could, I would order thousands of them and store them nicely in floor to ceiling bookshelves and then some would be scattered around my apartment for decoration purposes. Not to forget I would buy my hubby and me travel, movie, poem and art books. How do you prefer storing your books? Any ideas?

Glam space in NY

I can't stop looking at this stunning space. The Interior design is close to perfect. The details, scale of the elements and use of luxurious materials makes this three dimensional into eye-candy. The designer behind this is Patti Smith.

source New York spaces Magazine

Stressed and Inspired

Today I have a busy day finalizing one of my assignments.
Have to be ready so I can send it off on Saturday.

Details within this space

I really like the 'daybed', 'lounge' in the middle of the room.

The wood details along the wall are very appealing. Also these breaks up the room
from feeling too long.

I have always been a big fan of executing the staircase in such way.

Breathtaking building

For me to be Inspired is just like a gift. Inspiration can be anywhere and anything. Sometimes I don't know what to do with it, other times I do. The architecture of this building doesn't fail me when it comes to wanting to be Inspired. The 'feel', balance and harmony wakes up the creativity in me.

source Bravacasa Magazine

Loft In Milan

source Bravacasa Magazine

Inspiration for a kitchen

source Domino magazine

Grand Hotel in Stockholm designed by


My favorites from

collage made by me

Studio Downtown San Diego

A few months ago me and my hubby went to view various studios and one bedroom apartments downtown. If I was to stay longer we would have rented one straight away. Who could say no to a patio with views over Gas lamp quarters and the ballpark. Now I wish I took some pictures of it for you guys to see. However, I was searching online and came across a studio downtown. Different for sure and the winner of Apartment Theraphy's "smartest coolest apartment 2006"

-Downtown the place to be.

La Purificadora in Mexico

Time for a vacation in Mexico? Why not check in to this hotel.
I am extremely fond of the combination of the various materials incorporated as well as the starkness and simplicity. Look at the amazing view over the city from the pool and deck area;  an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The architect behind this spectacular hotel is Ricardo Legorreta.

A sunday mix of colourful Interiors

source LivingEtc

Diane Keatons' Beverly Hills home

source AD

Pink Pink and Pink

What do you guys think about these spaces? Do you feel it being too busy or more energetic?

Fathers' day gift

On sunday it's fathers day in sweden. Happy fathers' day my best dad. If I had magic powers I would send my dad to these relaxing spaces....

Vanessa this is for you dear

A hint of blue

Where is my Inspiration?

I feel like I lost somewhat of my Inspiration today. I have so much on my mind that instead it all turned to nothing. I have so much school work to catch up with, also in a process of moving back to Sweden which makes me focus too much on the apartment thats waiting for me (us). Also, I am in desperate need of a job. I would need a cup of green tea to relax, but instead I turned to the normal cup of coffee.

What a feeling...

This photo I found online a few years ago and became one of my favorite Inspirational photos. Found it today again, ahh brings back memories.


Coffee break with Interior books

I find so much inspiration in my new book 'Furniture world styles from Classical to contemporary' by Judith Miller. I'm loving the Safari chair on the left and the chest of drawers in the middle. Both designed by Scandinavian designers between 1930-1933. I am find it extremely thrilling when I see such great designs that I would gladly incorporate in design projects of mine.

The Safari chair was handmade by a furniture- making firm of Rudolf Rasmussen. It was inspired by the British military. One can tell the leather and buckled leather strap. The frame is made of maple. No surprise here, this specific design was a market success. What do you think of it?

The chest of drawers is designed by Alvar Alto. The material used here is Birch. The simple lines combined with the softness from the wood makes this a simple, stunning design.

Hotel Unique Sao Paolo, Brazil

Vogue Living Australia

This magazine is fabolous for Inspiration. I bought the July/August Issue and I am still going through It as If I bought It yesterday or so. This magazine is perfect for both Inspiration as well as a relaxing magazine. I also found some Interesting products that I haven't seen else where. It's added to my top list of magazine, since I did need to find something that didn't only focus so much on contemporary/modern design. I am not sure If it is possible to get a hold of in Sweden. Maybe major cities or airports?!Anyone who knows?

Loft space featured in the Magazine Skona hem

Here you have a modern loft space with classical framed art hanging on the walls. The entire space is filled with expensive design pieces that have been balanced accordingly. If you know Swedish you can read more  here.

Photos from

Check out

Heller is a company who offers furniture ( pieces of art ) from well known designers. For example Mario Bellini, Frank Gehry, studio 65 amongst others. Have a look for yourself and read more about the designers biography as well as products available from each designer. Also order their catalogue, very inspirational.

Here are my favorites:

The Bellini Chair origin from 1998.
Here in sage color. Award winner in 2001 ( Compasso d'Oro ADI, Italy)

Designer is Mario Bellini

Domus said: "It is like a sculpture cast in the finest mould...the shape of the chair is self-explanatory, and sitting is believing. The Bellini Chair is a no-problem chair, for use at home, in the office, outdoors. It can be moved with ease (it weighs 3.4 kg) and stacked if necessary. It will cost the price of an ordinary, unpretentious, anonymous chair. And for a designer we believe that is the best of compliments."

The UltraBellini Chair, 2006. It's basically
a new updated Bellini Chair. This one is with high gloss finish.Designer is Mario Bellini.

Selene by Vico Magistretti from 1969 re-edited 2002.
Has been incorporated in major museums designs.

 Calla chair is designed by William Sawaya.
Design year is 2001, but also this one has been re-edited in 2007.
 2003 this chair recieved the ID Annual Design Review Design Distinction Award.

Need help with finding furniture shops online

Do anyone know online 'Swedish' furniture/accesories shops that keep reasonable prizes?

Prem. Ideas for my new apartment

I am trying to figure out how to decorate my new apartment in Sweden. We already know we have a hmm somewhat of an 'ugly' bathroom, apricot colored. Not my favorite but I will have to work around it. It's only a one bedroom renting flat, so clever decoration have to be executed for it to look exciting. I've only seen the room plan , which makes me unable to choose and come up with a final design concept. So far I came up with some prem. Ideas which I really hope will work in the space.

Why is so slow to load sometimes?!

I wonder....hmmm...okey. Don't let it get to you girl!....

Living/family room

This sofa is chosen by the client, and I just love it. A fire place separates the lounge area to the family room. I am still working on this room. The walls will be grayish ( open plan Family-dining-kitchen ), since this is the area where all the daily activity will take place. A focal point on the wall facing the dining area, -three dimensional wood sculpture of some sort. Also for a modern twist framed letters/words will be brought in. Also colourful pillows and accessories. 


Prem. furniture board

Worked a bit with a concept board for my sister in-laws living/lounge room. Everything has to be on a budget and the whole house will be decorated after I leave. Which means it has to be easy for them to achieve this alone. I so far only used furniture which they already have, also furniture from Ikea and Target, not the best stores when quality is a factor but with it being a big house on a budget there wasn't much more of an option. Also flea-markets would have been a great idea to find furniture with a more rustic feel which I am going for. I already advice her on this but since she doesn't know where to go and needs my help on this, with time being against us its not going to be the place where she will find her furniture. 

The house is a spanish style home with an open plan, which was built i would guess late 1990's. It doesn't have a lot of character, but has enough for me to continue the feel of a spanish rustic home. I definitely wanted to add contemporary pieces and make the over all design with a more contemporary feel rather than rustic. I am bringing in colors such as greys, browns, tans, green, oranges...
The brown was the clients own wish and so was orange. The only no-no I had from her was not to create a fabricated/Californian home, like every one else has. Which of course isn't a problem for me. I would have liked creating more of a black/white/grey team together with punches of colours to give them more of an unexpected home around here, but at the same time that's not them. Instead I went for brown walls in the living/ lounge area which only will be used as a entertainment area preferable for grownups. No Tv will be in the area. For a bigger impact there will be floor to ceiling curtains. Also a focal point will be created by painting wood 'plates' grey and scattering stones on top of them. Above Two big frames will be framing 'something' not yet found.  On the side will be a beautiful rustic chandelier. Splashes of colours will be greens and a small dose of orange.  

Heaven for me is Balboa Park in San Diego



Photos taken by me

Poems by my love which I find every morning to help me feel inspired

Your words have a special significance for the person who writes this for you.

Your eyes have a glow of inspiration for him that watches you.

Your thoughts have a unique meaning for him that listens to you.

You are a special inspiration of meaning for that who thinks of you. 

Sketches by Frank Lloyd Wright

When i went to the book shop a few weekends ago i bumped into a book which was filled with renderings from Frank. I was extremely tempted to purchase it. But, with my hands already filled with magazines and a construction book I knew It wasn't the time to get it. Instead I found some online. I  seriously can't wait until my class about this architect (Frank Lloyd Wright) starts. 

Hospes Palacio del Bailio in Cordoba

S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G!  I love this hotel. I wanna go there, now!
There is such a fine line when bringing in contemporary design into a historical space. Here there is a perfect balance between the different elements. An outstanding execution by the Hospes Design team. 


I stumbled upon this Interior and Architecture firm a while ago when I was doing an assignment. Bordon+fruit is a company which offers its clients both Interior as well as architecture services. This for the final spaces to have a consistent vision.


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