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What a dreamy place

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Black and white..

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This space has beautiful features such as ceiling, window frames and doors. A space like this doesn't need much for it to look stunning.

Hanna Werning for

Hanna Werning in collabaration with launched a new collection of wallpapers called London. I love the 1st, 6th and 10th. Can already imagine them in urbanized spaces. I wish I could buy the 10th one here in the states, then I would use it in a livingroom I am decorating for a client. A narrow stripe down to emphasize the wall infront of the seating area.

Simple and elegant

Photos from Interior Design Magazine


Inspiration for a project I am working on at the moment. Walldesign...


Photos from Interior Design Magazine

Manhattan office by Studios Architecture

Photos from Interior Design Magazine

Architect Robert M. Gurney

I was just in contact with Robert M. Gurney. I really admire his way of executing a design concept. He and his wife are both extremly talented architects/designers. Look and get inspired...


Chris Briffa: Architect from Malta

Chris Briffa is a talented Maltese Architect who is known for his eye for detail and proportion. Stunning spaces' are achieved thanks to his knowledge in materials and its' advantages. He doesn't neglect but instead incorporates the rich history most Maltese buildings have. -He designs buildings with historical elements reinforced to a modern living.

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Especially check out his 3d renderings for Diwan Hotel.

Youtube clip

Another interesting discussion between furniture designers and Sam Grawe from Dwell Magazine, by
Here they are discussing the advantages of re-using materials. Incredibly stunning pieces of furniture is made out of scrap wood. I am wondering though how sustainable the process of producing the furniture is? Thinking about other factors such as sealer, tools etc.

YouTube clip

Found this YouTube clip where a conversation between blog writers from Core77, Treehugger and the editor of chief of Metropolis magazine are discussing environmental issues.  - Interesting as always. 

From Fashion

Fashion and Interior Design are closely related. This is why fashion is a great inspiration source for me when 'creating' spaces.

The winner of Project Runway, Leanne, showed a stunning final collection at Bryant Park.
The materials are all sustainable. -Way to go.
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Yesterday I saw the new reality show Stylista on CW. -Great, now I am hooked on something else. It's a competition where 11 aspiring fashion enthusiasts strive for winning a one year paid editorial job at Elle Magazine.

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Study, study, study...

Time for Inspiration

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Me and my Bento

     I don't know what I would do without my Bento software from FileMaker. It's great for organizing all my files, photos, samples and suppliers lists etc. I bought it just about when summer was coming up and it only took me a few days to get a hang of it.
Just went online to browse the apple store and realized that Bento 2 already came out. -Arghh
But I guess no wonder, since the feedback for the first version wasn't all that great. In Bento 1 no printing and no connections between your e-mail and Bento is possible ( which for me isn't that annoying since I  always add every contact in my address book and can therefor easily send an email ).

For me this program is heaven. I tried downloading Filemaker, but it looked too time consuming and pricey.

Find it on

Price: $49.95
Rating on Apples webpage: ***

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