Reproduction of Frank Lloyd Wright's drawings

Obsession of Maps

Would you enjoy dining by the streets of Paris, New York, Tokyo or London while in the comfort of your own home? In that case  these paper placemats are for you. " World Dinner Placemats" by Seletti Design Group can be bought online from MoMA's store (International shipping) for $35, find them here. Don't worry each pad has 50 sheets.

They're fun, quirky and would look good on top of a translucent or high gloss table.

Organic shapes by Hudson Furniture Inc.

No words needs to be written about describing these furniture. But what I find worth mentioning is the information I found on their webpage. They state that non of their woods they use are harvested from old growth forests. -Our wood slabs are domestically sourced from either salvaged trees or wind/storm damaged trees. The trees have an average life span of 250-300 years. When these trees die, they gradually do so from the crest to the roots. The farmers or the tree owners thus have to remove these trees as they might cause damage to houses, other trees or outlying areas. We integrate various wood species into our designs to produce unique works of art. Read more here.

My favorites from

collage made by me

Check out

Heller is a company who offers furniture ( pieces of art ) from well known designers. For example Mario Bellini, Frank Gehry, studio 65 amongst others. Have a look for yourself and read more about the designers biography as well as products available from each designer. Also order their catalogue, very inspirational.

Here are my favorites:

The Bellini Chair origin from 1998.
Here in sage color. Award winner in 2001 ( Compasso d'Oro ADI, Italy)

Designer is Mario Bellini

Domus said: "It is like a sculpture cast in the finest mould...the shape of the chair is self-explanatory, and sitting is believing. The Bellini Chair is a no-problem chair, for use at home, in the office, outdoors. It can be moved with ease (it weighs 3.4 kg) and stacked if necessary. It will cost the price of an ordinary, unpretentious, anonymous chair. And for a designer we believe that is the best of compliments."

The UltraBellini Chair, 2006. It's basically
a new updated Bellini Chair. This one is with high gloss finish.Designer is Mario Bellini.

Selene by Vico Magistretti from 1969 re-edited 2002.
Has been incorporated in major museums designs.

 Calla chair is designed by William Sawaya.
Design year is 2001, but also this one has been re-edited in 2007.
 2003 this chair recieved the ID Annual Design Review Design Distinction Award.

Hanna Werning for

Hanna Werning in collabaration with launched a new collection of wallpapers called London. I love the 1st, 6th and 10th. Can already imagine them in urbanized spaces. I wish I could buy the 10th one here in the states, then I would use it in a livingroom I am decorating for a client. A narrow stripe down to emphasize the wall infront of the seating area.

Me and my Bento

     I don't know what I would do without my Bento software from FileMaker. It's great for organizing all my files, photos, samples and suppliers lists etc. I bought it just about when summer was coming up and it only took me a few days to get a hang of it.
Just went online to browse the apple store and realized that Bento 2 already came out. -Arghh
But I guess no wonder, since the feedback for the first version wasn't all that great. In Bento 1 no printing and no connections between your e-mail and Bento is possible ( which for me isn't that annoying since I  always add every contact in my address book and can therefor easily send an email ).

For me this program is heaven. I tried downloading Filemaker, but it looked too time consuming and pricey.

Find it on

Price: $49.95
Rating on Apples webpage: ***

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