Native Mexican handmade apparels

When I was In Mexico I saw some stunning clothing with beautiful beadwork that would amaze anyone. Now I regret I didn´t purchase anything. My daily research online led me to Aida Coronado´s online shop. -Mexican handcrafted Items at Its best. Look at all these details. I am Instantly dreaming away: Me, dressed In these clothes and riding a horse surrounded by greenery somewhere In Mexico.

"Dumbo" the movie

Dumbo, the cute little elephant that everyone likes. I saw the movie Yesterday, definitely
recommended! Some scenes amazed me, the creativity, the colors.

Clips on how It is to be an Interior Design student

Did you ever wonder how or what you would be taught as an Interior Design student?! Here I found some clips on Youtube from various schools around USA with Interior Design majors. Myself I study from an English school with office in USA as well, so the curriculum is very similar to these videos.

Stressed and Inspired

Today I have a busy day finalizing one of my assignments.
Have to be ready so I can send it off on Saturday.

Where is my Inspiration?

I feel like I lost somewhat of my Inspiration today. I have so much on my mind that instead it all turned to nothing. I have so much school work to catch up with, also in a process of moving back to Sweden which makes me focus too much on the apartment thats waiting for me (us). Also, I am in desperate need of a job. I would need a cup of green tea to relax, but instead I turned to the normal cup of coffee.

Vogue Living Australia

This magazine is fabolous for Inspiration. I bought the July/August Issue and I am still going through It as If I bought It yesterday or so. This magazine is perfect for both Inspiration as well as a relaxing magazine. I also found some Interesting products that I haven't seen else where. It's added to my top list of magazine, since I did need to find something that didn't only focus so much on contemporary/modern design. I am not sure If it is possible to get a hold of in Sweden. Maybe major cities or airports?!Anyone who knows?

Need help with finding furniture shops online

Do anyone know online 'Swedish' furniture/accesories shops that keep reasonable prizes?

Prem. Ideas for my new apartment

I am trying to figure out how to decorate my new apartment in Sweden. We already know we have a hmm somewhat of an 'ugly' bathroom, apricot colored. Not my favorite but I will have to work around it. It's only a one bedroom renting flat, so clever decoration have to be executed for it to look exciting. I've only seen the room plan , which makes me unable to choose and come up with a final design concept. So far I came up with some prem. Ideas which I really hope will work in the space.

Why is so slow to load sometimes?!

I wonder....hmmm...okey. Don't let it get to you girl!....

Heaven for me is Balboa Park in San Diego



Photos taken by me

Poems by my love which I find every morning to help me feel inspired

Your words have a special significance for the person who writes this for you.

Your eyes have a glow of inspiration for him that watches you.

Your thoughts have a unique meaning for him that listens to you.

You are a special inspiration of meaning for that who thinks of you. 



Yesterday I saw the new reality show Stylista on CW. -Great, now I am hooked on something else. It's a competition where 11 aspiring fashion enthusiasts strive for winning a one year paid editorial job at Elle Magazine.

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