Designer Michael Schaible's home in Mexico

A while ago I was working on a school project and while re-searching found this amazing talented Designer named Michael Schaible. I therefor contacted him about additional details on his 'casa' in Mexico.
I am still happily surprised what a kind response I always get when contacting architects and designers.

photos borrowed from Architectural Digest Magazine

Grand Hotel in Stockholm designed by


Coffee break with Interior books

I find so much inspiration in my new book 'Furniture world styles from Classical to contemporary' by Judith Miller. I'm loving the Safari chair on the left and the chest of drawers in the middle. Both designed by Scandinavian designers between 1930-1933. I am find it extremely thrilling when I see such great designs that I would gladly incorporate in design projects of mine.

The Safari chair was handmade by a furniture- making firm of Rudolf Rasmussen. It was inspired by the British military. One can tell the leather and buckled leather strap. The frame is made of maple. No surprise here, this specific design was a market success. What do you think of it?

The chest of drawers is designed by Alvar Alto. The material used here is Birch. The simple lines combined with the softness from the wood makes this a simple, stunning design.

Sketches by Frank Lloyd Wright

When i went to the book shop a few weekends ago i bumped into a book which was filled with renderings from Frank. I was extremely tempted to purchase it. But, with my hands already filled with magazines and a construction book I knew It wasn't the time to get it. Instead I found some online. I  seriously can't wait until my class about this architect (Frank Lloyd Wright) starts. 

Hospes Palacio del Bailio in Cordoba

S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G!  I love this hotel. I wanna go there, now!
There is such a fine line when bringing in contemporary design into a historical space. Here there is a perfect balance between the different elements. An outstanding execution by the Hospes Design team. 


I stumbled upon this Interior and Architecture firm a while ago when I was doing an assignment. Bordon+fruit is a company which offers its clients both Interior as well as architecture services. This for the final spaces to have a consistent vision.

Architect Robert M. Gurney

I was just in contact with Robert M. Gurney. I really admire his way of executing a design concept. He and his wife are both extremly talented architects/designers. Look and get inspired...

Chris Briffa: Architect from Malta

Chris Briffa is a talented Maltese Architect who is known for his eye for detail and proportion. Stunning spaces' are achieved thanks to his knowledge in materials and its' advantages. He doesn't neglect but instead incorporates the rich history most Maltese buildings have. -He designs buildings with historical elements reinforced to a modern living.

Check out on 
Especially check out his 3d renderings for Diwan Hotel.

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