Prem. furniture board

Worked a bit with a concept board for my sister in-laws living/lounge room. Everything has to be on a budget and the whole house will be decorated after I leave. Which means it has to be easy for them to achieve this alone. I so far only used furniture which they already have, also furniture from Ikea and Target, not the best stores when quality is a factor but with it being a big house on a budget there wasn't much more of an option. Also flea-markets would have been a great idea to find furniture with a more rustic feel which I am going for. I already advice her on this but since she doesn't know where to go and needs my help on this, with time being against us its not going to be the place where she will find her furniture. 

The house is a spanish style home with an open plan, which was built i would guess late 1990's. It doesn't have a lot of character, but has enough for me to continue the feel of a spanish rustic home. I definitely wanted to add contemporary pieces and make the over all design with a more contemporary feel rather than rustic. I am bringing in colors such as greys, browns, tans, green, oranges...
The brown was the clients own wish and so was orange. The only no-no I had from her was not to create a fabricated/Californian home, like every one else has. Which of course isn't a problem for me. I would have liked creating more of a black/white/grey team together with punches of colours to give them more of an unexpected home around here, but at the same time that's not them. Instead I went for brown walls in the living/ lounge area which only will be used as a entertainment area preferable for grownups. No Tv will be in the area. For a bigger impact there will be floor to ceiling curtains. Also a focal point will be created by painting wood 'plates' grey and scattering stones on top of them. Above Two big frames will be framing 'something' not yet found.  On the side will be a beautiful rustic chandelier. Splashes of colours will be greens and a small dose of orange.  


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