Tips~Budget friendly decoration

I have never been blessed with pockets filled with money so budget friendly decor has always caught my attention. After I started to study Interior Design I realized that actually any space no matter how much money spent on can be a successful design. ‘All It takes’ is the knowledge to pull a space or spaces together into a cohesive place(s). To have an understanding and fully knowledge about a materials characteristics is one of the key factors for a functional space, but also this opens up tons of doors for new design Ideas to blossom. Which in this case regarding low budget decorations/renovations can be even a greater benefit. Here I have composed some budget tips:

  1. Thrift shops (second hand shops), Yard sales are great especially If you’re handy yourself and can restore furniture (even though sometimes all it takes is a bucket of paint). A good tip would be to search secondhand shops In smaller towns, that’s normally where I find the cheapest prices.
  2. If you’re in Sweden is of course a great source.
  3. Use a variation in materials, this will increase the visual impression of the room as a whole. 
  4. If you are decorating your house (apartment) think of it as a whole concept. It may sound daunting, but don’t worry. Firstly section them down room by room and then find a common thread to be used throughout the whole space. A consistency will normally give the illusion of a bigger space.
  5. Buy furniture from example IKEA or other cheap stores. Try to give them your own identity. The main thing is to not over decorate a space with furniture from one specific shop. This can normally come across as a mundane space, especially when the people around you are well aware of for ex. IKEA’s furniture. 
  6. Bring in your own art work, maybe through typography (poems, words with meaning), paintings made by your kids. Also nice is to frame stamps, foreign money, maps etc. Another good idea is to take advantage of free wallpaper samples that can be sent to you from various suppliers. Play around and have fun. 
  7. Think a bit outside the box. Use your own belongings as decoration without over cluttering the space. Magazines and books can be neatly displayed. Color pencils adds instantly color to your desk. Try to think of something different that speaks to you instead of the normal Tv stand and coffee table.

Lastly to stay on a budget don’t buy brands. Expensive pieces doesn’t promise a well designed space. Remember to use a variation in materials for ex: bricks, paint, leather etc. A tactile experience it should be!


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