Try as I might...


Try as I might, I can´t forget your eyes.
Try as I might, your touch I cannot find.
Try as I might, my heart cries out but cannot see
No matter how much I try, you cannot be with me.

I tried...
To run my fingers through your hair while you slept,
But I felt my touch simply slip away.
I tried...
To press my lips against your face,
But you were gone once again.

I tried...
To feel my body lying nex to yours,
But to you my body was no more than a ghost.
I tried...
So much to hold you in my arms tonight,
But you could not feel the slightest touch.

I tried...
To cover your body when you felt cold,
But I could not reach out to keep you warm.
I tried...
To protect you while you were dreaming,
But I couldn´t be there while you were sleeping

I tried...
To be there for you when u awoke,
And not just simply a useless ghost.
I tried...
To make you feel,
That I am real.

But no matter how much I try,
I will never stop trying...
By Oscar

This is going to be my first Thanksgiving. At the moment I am looking at Macy´s Thanksgiving parade. This definitely puts me In a Holiday mood. A year ago I received this poem from my love, and so much has changed In a year. We no longer need to be apart, we no longer need to Try, It´s all about here and now!


Postat av: Alexandra

sv: Tackar detsamma :) Vi har bara julstjärnor-- inget pynt än, det kommer upp på söndag :D När pyntar du ?

2008-11-27 @ 20:14:39

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