Chalkboards are more than a trend-more like a necessity

I love chalkboards and I know It's not a a new 'trend'. But for me It seems to never get old. Whenever you feel like scribbling down something It's there waiting for you to do so. To fill up that dark space with something beautiful or something simple as a reminder. There are different ways to get a chalkboard, either by buying a chalkboard from a supplier (which I found a bunch of them online. For cheaper options If you're into bigger boards look into companies who supplies for schools and private persons). There is also something simple as chalk paint ( which I embarrassingly had never heard about until one year ago when my mother mentioned it ). You can get a hold of this paint easily through any local DIY store. Be prepared for different qualities since some are more 'healthy' than others. Aesthetically speaking It brings that unexpected element that I want/need in my designs. I know Scandinavians and people from the East coast ( USA ) are very fond of this. When I gave an idea to my client (from LA)  about incorporating, this I guess unusual material for her, into her kitchen design she responded with a very curios look on her face saying something like...'In a kitchen'. I responded gladly with a smile and said...'Yes, why not. Lemmi show you'

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