Me and my Bento

     I don't know what I would do without my Bento software from FileMaker. It's great for organizing all my files, photos, samples and suppliers lists etc. I bought it just about when summer was coming up and it only took me a few days to get a hang of it.
Just went online to browse the apple store and realized that Bento 2 already came out. -Arghh
But I guess no wonder, since the feedback for the first version wasn't all that great. In Bento 1 no printing and no connections between your e-mail and Bento is possible ( which for me isn't that annoying since I  always add every contact in my address book and can therefor easily send an email ).

For me this program is heaven. I tried downloading Filemaker, but it looked too time consuming and pricey.

Find it on

Price: $49.95
Rating on Apples webpage: ***


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